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This month we’re introducing three new Microsoft cloud security Quick Start programs designed to help customers close and lock digital doors and protect against imminent nation-state cyber attacks. We also have a new security podcast from our expert team, a new cybersecurity blog, an upcoming webinar with customer case study and live demo, two new customer case studies and five impressive customer wins to share with you.

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Quick Start programs for Microsoft cloud security

Edgile’s Quick Starts are a highly efficient way for clients to leverage their investments in Microsoft cloud platforms. The programs employ a fixed price, fixed scope, and fixed delivery methodology to produce measurable risk and security outcomes in the fastest and most predictable manner. Using templates and accelerators, Edgile’s Microsoft specialists will deliver business-aligned solution builds that include:
  • A definition of business requirements and drivers with their success criteria
  • An analysis of detected risks
  • A risk mitigation operations plan with instructions on how to run and scale the platform
  • A roadmap outlining next steps for maximizing downstream investments
Your customers get immediate value in deploying Microsoft security controls without having to commit to a big budget, long-range security initiative. This can drive a desire to scale capabilities and give you additional upsell opportunities down the road.

Market-Ready Quick Starts
M365 Data Security Quick Start (Basic)
Duration: 10 weeks
Classify sensitive information in M365 cloud workloads. Offers initial, measurable production deployment of Microsoft data security control frameworks to manage risk and reduce attack surfaces.
M365 Data Security Quick Start (Advanced)
Duration: 16 weeks
Includes all Basic option initiatives plus requirements definitions for sensitive data at rest on-premises and prevention of data loss in non-Microsoft cloud storage locations.
M365 Insider Risk Management Quick Start
Duration: 12 weeks
Delivers high-velocity, predefined, quantifiable insider threat management capabilities into the M365 environment in a predictable and measurable timeframe by deploying the Insider Risk Management module for M365 and the Communications Compliance Suite for Teams in M365 Compliance.
Azure Identity Entitlement Management Quick Start
Duration: 10 weeks
Offers an immediate production deployment of the Azure Active Directory Entitlement Management toolset to manage different types of identities in the Azure active directory domain.
Learn more about quick start programs for Microsoft cloud security
White House says private sector must accelerate efforts to lock digital doors

In our latest blog post, we provide insights into the recent cyber attack fact sheet from the White House, which warned of evolving intelligence that nation-states may be exploring options for potential cyberattacks. We help your customers digest the key points, including the use of strong MFA, the deployment of modern security tools on all devices, the importance of constantly scanning for vulnerabilities and updating passwords, and data encryption best practices.

We list three questions CISOs should ask which can help you promote Microsoft Azure threat protection capabilities as preferred security solutions.

Read the full blog post here.
New podcasts highlight Microsoft security tools

Last month we launched the first in a series of podcast episodes hosted by Edgile expert Brad Smith, where we discussed the customer-focused aspects of modern threat protection and how the Microsoft suite of security tools can be used in different ways to lower enterprise risks.

This month we have a new episode where we discuss the one trait shared by today’s attackers and enterprise CISOs: both are leveraging AI’s Machine Learning (ML) to either attack better or defend better. And both sides are collecting as much information and telemetry as they possibly can and aggregating it in such volume that they can derive patterns of vulnerability.

PODCAST 6: What CISOs should do differently to defend against attackers using Machine Learning [10:16]

All our podcasts are available at edgile.com/podcasts and will soon be on Apple and Spotify. Watch for that announcement.
New Edgile Webinar

Simplify and manage your external identities using Microsoft Azure AD

March 31, 2022 • 11am PST

Hear about the latest capabilities in external identity management. Get a first-hand look at a case study featuring an Enterprise Architect from Intact Insurance, plus a demo hosted by Edgile experts.

Nikhil Chahare, Director, Edgile
Randy Wiemer, Technical Director, Edgile
Michael Trittin, Architect, Edgile
Anand Koka, Enterprise Architect, Intact Insurance
On-Demand Webinars

The New Approach to Data Governance Replay

See how Edgile leverages the Microsoft 365 suite to design an unstructured data governance strategy. Using a top-down business alignment and a bottom-up risk and maturity analysis, we can define a customer’s current state and examine existing DLP/data classification tooling and Microsoft platform capabilities.

Marvin Tansley, Partner, Edgile
Mavi Etzyon-Grizer, Principal Program Manager MIP CxE Team Lead M365 Compliance, Microsoft
View our full library of on-demand webinars covering various topics in security, compliance, and identity with guest speakers from Microsoft and customer success stories.
Case Studies
Alcoa needed Edgile to help them implement and lead enterprise adoption of a central identity management system across four continents. We have worked with Alcoa on a series of projects including IAM strategy and deployment, Azure MFA, and GDPR App DPIA Assessment. A Microsoft 365 deployment strategy is underway with services expected in 2022.
Ecolab needed a more cost effective and efficient way to secure and manage hundreds of thousands of customer identities. Our work with Ecolab has accelerated Azure adoption for their business applications using Azure AD B2C, and they have adopted Azure AD as the corporate standard for B2B collaboration. The solution will drive over $100,000/month in Azure software, replacing a large Okta implementation.
Customer Wins
ZF Automotive
Cloud Security Advisory Services (WIPRO PAPER)
Microsoft Azure AD B2C Identity Support
Insider Risk and Communications Compliance
Banner Health
Microsoft Sentinel Cloud Accelerator Workshop
2022 Monthly IDM Support
Cub Foods
API Gateway Configuration and Support
Edgile's Microsoft Virtual Office for Sellers

We recently launched our Microsoft Virtual Office (VO). The VO is your one-stop shop for marketing solutions designed to support the success of you, your team and your customers.

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Dean Fantham
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Tarun Vazirani
Bob Moore
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Brad Smith
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